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Mr. Beast CRUNCH Chocolate Bar

Mr. Beast CRUNCH Chocolate Bar

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Mr. Beast CRUNCH Chocolate Bar

  • Creamy grass-fed milk and crispy puffed rice delivery maximum crunch.
  • With 6 simple ingredients including creamy milk from grass fed cows and 100% organic cacao, our chocolate is incredibly delicious from start to finish.
  • Made with only the best ingredients including milk from happy grass-fed cows. Grass fed cows = Delicious chocolate.
  • Have you tasted greatness lately? Because we have the perfect chocolate for you.
  • Better for you snacking with better-than-ever flavor.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mélissa St-Coeur
Very disapointed

I paid more to have these in 3 days and it took more than a week. By the time I had the bars, I didn't knew but it was now on sale in New-Brunswick for 3.99 each and I paid 7.25 each on the site. Plus when it arrive, the package was all soak and it wasen't raining outside that day. I don't know what it was soak with but it wasen't tastind good at all. Was a wast of money! :(

elss hulb

The Crunch has a dark chocolate crunchy taste feeling to it. Pretty good and at least you don't feel as guilty eating a late-night treat since its somewhat healthy.

Selena C.

CRUNCHY and tasty :) Kids love them

Pete F.

If you are a fan of milk chocolate and enjoy a crunchy texture in your chocolate bars, the Mr. Beast CRUNCH Chocolate Bar might be worth trying out. I certainly enjoyed it.