About Us

Origin Of Extreme Snacks

 Our business originally started as a store front and it goes by the name of Best Ways Convenience. This was founded on November 19, 2019 by Matthew & Vince Mikhail.

As many already know, the covid pandemic was a difficult time for several small businesses and we tried our best to overcome obstacles near and far. Throughout the last couple years we introduced all sorts of crazy looking products to attract and entertain our customers.

We ultimately gained plenty of loyal customers and due to such high demand in the community, Extreme Snacks was born. Extreme Snacks was created on December 9, 2022 and has continued to flourish from there.

Our vision of the company is to provide our everyday customers who are unable to travel or just simply enjoy the convenience of adding everything in a cart in one magic button. Enjoy the wonderful experience of trying the variety of exotic snacks and drinks we offer.  Why only enjoy those Mexican sweet candies in Mexico when you can stop by our store and try them yourself!

We are also affiliated with Budder Vapes, it is a high quality vape company that has been in business for 5 years. buddervapes.ca