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Mr. Beast Chocolate Bar - Quinoa Crunch Chocolate

Mr. Beast Chocolate Bar - Quinoa Crunch Chocolate

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Mr. Beast Chocolate Bar - Quinoa Crunch Chocolate

  • Quinoa Crunch delivers a flawless mixture of chocolatey goodness with the light and airy crunch of quinoa.
  • With just 5 base ingredients, all our bars are 100% plant-based with organic cacao and are incredibly delicious from start to finish.
  • Quinoa Crunch packs a punch of rich dark(-ish) chocolatey goodness, mixed with a crunch of quinoa to create the most beast-like snacking experience, ever.
  • Light and airy quinoa layered into delicious and creamy chocolate for the perfect balance of texture and flavor. Crispy, crunchy AND chocolatey? Say less.
  • Take a bite from Mr crunch bar and experience where texture and flavor come together for game-changing results.
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Customer Reviews

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Sheila F.
My Honest Review About Mr. Beast Quinoa

The first thing that stands out about this chocolate bar is the packaging. The Mr. Beast logo is prominently displayed on the front, and the bright colors make it eye-catching on the shelves. The chocolate bar itself is well-packaged and looks like a high-quality product.

The chocolate itself is smooth and creamy, with a rich and indulgent flavor. The addition of quinoa gives it a satisfying crunch and adds a nutty flavor that pairs perfectly with the chocolate. The quinoa also adds a healthy element to the chocolate, making it a guilt-free treat that you can enjoy anytime.

One thing to note is that the quinoa pieces can be a bit hard, which can make it difficult to eat if you have sensitive teeth. However, for most people, this is not a major issue.

Overall, Mr. Beast Chocolate Bar - Quinoa Crunch Chocolate is a unique and delicious chocolate bar that is perfect for anyone who loves a bit of crunch in their chocolate. It's a great treat for yourself or a gift for any chocolate lover.

Jaden S.

I honestly couldn't find these anywhere else! Love the variety of the store!