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Mr. Beast Chocolate Bar - Original Chocolate

Mr. Beast Chocolate Bar - Original Chocolate

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Mr. Beast Chocolate Bar - Original Chocolate

Ever wondered what clouds taste like? Chocolate clouds? We’re pretty sure this is it. Feastables Mr Beast Bar Original Chocolate is made with just 4 ingredients, focusing on incredible quality and carefully sourced ingredients - blended to make a smooth, rich and delicious chocolate snack. 

With just 4 base ingredients, all Mr. Beast bars are 100% plant-based with organic cacao and are incredibly delicious from start to finish. 

We're proud to be one of Canada's only suppliers and cheapest place to buy the Mr. Beast Bar.

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Customer Reviews

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Pam J.

Bought them for my kids. Big fan of Mr. Beast! Cheers!

My Throughout Review For Mr. BEAST Chocolate Bar From Extreme Snacks

The Mr. Beast Chocolate Bar - Original Chocolate is a chocolate bar that is not only delicious but also comes with a good cause. The chocolate bar is named after a popular YouTuber, Mr. Beast, and a portion of its profits go towards various charitable organizations. But beyond its philanthropic endeavors, how does this chocolate bar taste?

In terms of the chocolate itself, it is rich, creamy, and has a smooth texture. The flavor is not too bitter or too sweet, striking a balance that makes it a great choice for any chocolate lover. The chocolate has a high percentage of cocoa, which gives it a depth of flavor that is not found in cheaper, mass-produced chocolate bars.

The packaging of the Mr. Beast Chocolate Bar - Original Chocolate is also noteworthy. The chocolate comes in a unique and eye-catching wrapper that is sure to stand out on store shelves. The wrapper features Mr. Beast's iconic logo and his signature catchphrase, "Subscribe to PewDiePie." Overall, the packaging adds to the fun and unique character of this chocolate bar.

While the price of the Mr. Beast Chocolate Bar - Original Chocolate is higher than other chocolate bars on the market, the quality of the chocolate and the fact that a portion of the proceeds goes towards charity make it a worthwhile investment. Plus, the satisfaction of indulging in a tasty treat while also contributing to a good cause is hard to beat.

Overall, the Mr. Beast Chocolate Bar - Original Chocolate is a high-quality chocolate bar that is both delicious and socially conscious. Whether you are a fan of Mr. Beast or just looking for a tasty treat, this chocolate bar is definitely worth a try.


Definitely on the pricier side for a snack but I'd say it was worth it! Can't find these snacks anywhere else and the customer service was amazing!