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Monster Energy Ultra Strawberry Dreams

Monster Energy Ultra Strawberry Dreams

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Monster Energy Ultra Strawberry Dreams

Some people swear that strawberries are aphrodisiacs. They say if you share a double-strawberry with someone then they’ll catch feelings for you. All we know is the heart-shaped fruit makes the perfect flavor for our new zero sugar Ultra. Wonderfully sweet while slightly tart, this easy-drinking Ultra tastes like a dream.

Passionately crafted with the Monster energy blend you crave; take one sip and you’ll be crazy for Ultra Strawberry Dreams.

473mL - 16fl Oz - Canada Edition 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Caden F.

Tasty delight, my favorite of all the Monsters!


Was pretty decent

Zach R.

What's great about Monster Energy Ultra Strawberry Dreams is that it provides a noticeable boost in energy and focus without the jitters or crash that can come with other energy drinks. I found it particularly helpful for getting through a mid-afternoon slump or powering through a workout. Overall, I highly recommend giving this flavor a try if you're a fan of fruity energy drinks or looking for a low-calorie, sugar-free option.

Chelsea R.

I recently tried Monster Energy Ultra Strawberry Dreams and was pleasantly surprised by its delicious taste and smooth, refreshing finish. The strawberry flavor is prominent without being overpowering, and the carbonation is just right. What I appreciate most about this energy drink is that it's part of the Monster Energy Ultra line, which means it's low calorie, sugar-free, and packed with energy-enhancing ingredients like caffeine, taurine, and B vitamins.